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Sexual Wellness

Regain your sex drive by checking out our services. We offer medical help for both men and women to ensure you are able to be ready for when the time comes.

Hormone Therapy

Feel young again with our hormone therapy options for both men and women. With a variety of services we can have you back to your youthful self.

Medical Weightloss

Science based nutrition support and weight loss programs under the care of diet book author and board-certified weight loss specialty physician.

Aesthetic Procedures

Lose those wrinkles and get more healthy skin by using our state of the art aesthetic procedures. See what we can do for your skin health today.

Wellness Evaluations

Get a check up today with our physical and cardiovascular screenings. Come in today to ensure that you are the healthiest you.

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Latest Articles

To keep up with the latest medical news, please read our news articles.

PRP Injections

Regenerative medicine using platelet-rich plasma and stem cells can help in the treatment of chronic pain, sports injuries, and aesthetics. Discover how our specialists at Elite Medicine Clinics DFW can treat you with regenerative medicine using platelet-rich plasma or stem cells.

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are prescribed often but cause a significant amount of side effects.

Risk Reduction for Alzheimer’s

New studies show how life-long brain health can prevent Alzheimer’s. Discover more about Alzheimer’s and steps to preventing it.

“A friend refereed me to this clinic and I was skeptical at first. But they are one of the best at what they do and are very honest and compassionate. I was treated first class in every way at his practice and I would recommend these guys.”

D.S., AGE 52

“After six months, I met my goal of losing 100 pounds. This has provided me with the opportunity to make real and lasting lifestyle changes and provided assistance when I had a rough week, fell off or cheated.”



2016 Outstanding Patient Experience Award™

The Outstanding Patient Experience Award recognizes hospitals for providing outstanding patient experience. The award is based on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems patient survey data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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