Adrenal Insufficiency for Men

Adrenal Insufficiency for Men

At Elite Medical Clinics DFW we want you to understand the reasons behind your symptoms as well as ways to treat the different issues associated with the male body.

Something as simple as a hormone imbalance can cause adrenal insufficiency in men and we want you to understand the symptoms and why they occur. We also offer safe and easy treatment for adrenal insufficiency that will get you back to your best health and lifestyle.

The adrenal glands regulate your response to stress. The glands secrete cortisol as a response to a variety of stimuli including stress, low blood sugar, excitement, and exercise. The adrenal glands are most active early in the day and taper off their secretions during the day. If you are not too stressed or overworked, your adrenal system should work smoothly.

However, if your stress levels are consistently high, the adrenal glands can overexert and that causes less cortisol being secreted and that leads to adrenal fatigue or insufficiency. A body-wide hormone imbalance follows and the adrenal glands become unable to support the secretion of other necessary hormones.

When you come to us for male hormone therapy, our skilled staff of technicians and physicians will look for certain symptoms of adrenal insufficiency including daytime fatigue, difficulty going to sleep and sleeping soundly, allergies, sensitivity to chemicals, anxiety, infections, depression, aching joints, lowered sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, among other symptoms. If these are your symptoms, simple lab testing will determine if you have adrenal fatigue or insufficiency.

Once diagnosed, we are able to help you with a customized treatment program using hormone therapy. First we will determine your current cortisol level and what you require for optimum hormone balance. We will then start you on a regimen of cortisol to get you back to your best health.

While the cortisol treatment should work wonders for the way you feel, you should also take steps to maintain healthy adrenal function by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of restful sleep every night, practice stress management, and take time to add enjoyment to your life.

Our job is to find the right hormone therapy balance as well as to help you plan nutrition, exercise, and relaxation strategies. We look forward to your visit.