Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal Insufficiency

Both men and women can suffer from adrenal fatigue or insufficiency. There is no reason for you to drag through your day because of this condition and at Elite Medical Clinics DFW we want to help pinpoint the cause of your problem and help you treat it through hormone therapy, proper nutrition, exercise, and less stressful living practices.

Sound impossible? Come see what we can do to help you get back to your best life.

In women, adrenal fatigue or insufficiency most often occurs after menopause and with stress. This stress is caused by hormonal imbalance that starts with perimenopause and follows to post menopause. Left untreated, it means a life of feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted when you do not need to feel that way.

When you come to see our trained and caring technicians and physicians at Elite Medical Clinics DFW, you will be treated with dignity and care as we study your symptoms and do the follow up lab work required to properly diagnose your adrenal fatigue or insufficiency.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue or insufficiency include trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, craving sweet and salty foods, sleepy during the day, and greater tendency to feel stressed.

If this sounds like you, please know that we can help you overcome those feelings and return to a greater feeling of well being and health.

Once we’ve diagnosed that you have adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, we will start a comprehensive plan designed uniquely for you. That plan includes hormone replacement therapy that will balance your hormones. Along with that, we will prescribe any other medications that will help your body get back to its best state of health. Finally, we will also help you plan a nutrition plan as well as a plan for exercise and relaxation.

Together we will work to get you back to your best life and health.