Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy

Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy

At Elite Medical Clinics DFW we want to help you return to your best health. When it comes to weight loss, we seek to enhance the leading treatments and therapies and offer them to you in the comfort of our clinic.

As you navigate the world of weight loss options, you can count on our team to determine what will work best for your needs. We will help you customize your treatment plan and also help you to correct body imbalances that may make weight more difficult.

Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy is one treatment that uses laser therapy to suppress both appetite and food cravings.

With Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy, you can expect some great weight loss outcomes. As your appetite decreases and your hunger cravings diminish, your metabolism speeds up. Another benefit is endorphin level increase. An endorphin is a chemical that your body naturally produces that causes you to feel more uplifted emotionally.

Our laser treatments are designed to accommodate your specific needs; the procedure is painless and non-invasive.

When you come to Elite Medical Clinics DFW, our trained staff will welcome you and make sure that you are comfortably ready for the procedure. Then our skilled technician will direct the laser beams towards points on your body including the tips of your fingers and toes as well as your knees and elbows – the same points used in acupuncture. Those specific points are manipulated by the laser beam to trigger the brain to release endorphins. Other lasers stimulate your metabolism to use your food more effectively and thus your willpower should also increase.

When you combine Laser Appetite Suppression Therapy with healthy eating and a meaningful exercise routine, you should lose weight and body fat at a faster rate than normal. It is a wonderful aid to help you get back to your best self and life.