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Hormone Therapy for Men

Our goal at Elite Medicine Clinics DFW is to enhance and improve your quality of life with leading edge hormone replacement methods. Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) gives you the vitality in life that might be lacking.

As our bodies age the production of testosterone and human growth hormone can decrease to less than healthy levels. You might notice increased body fat, decreased libido, muscle and strength loss, low energy levels, moodiness, trouble sleeping, hair loss, and depression.

Testosterone, the hormone that is essential for libido and erectile dysfunction, plays a lead role in men’s health. Along with its role in vital sexual health, testosterone is also an important element for your mood, energy, bone health, and body composition.

The sobering truth is that starting in your mid-thirties testosterone levels start to decrease. By age 40, you can expect levels to continue their downward trend by one to one and a half percent each year. The decrease can happen even faster than that.

If you are in that age bracket, your symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and loss of motivation and drive could be due to that decrease. Yes, adequate testosterone takes care of those things for you and more.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can restore your testosterone levels. At Elite Medical Clinics DFW, we thoughtfully create your personal program based on blood work and health evaluation. We follow you through your treatment plan and measure your testosterone levels to ensure that they remain at the optimal stage.

Once BHRT starts, you can expect a tremendous impact on you health and quality of life. Improvements in mood, confidence, sexual vigor and erectile function, increased muscle mass, and decreased body fat often start within two to ten weeks of treatment.

Please come for a consult. At Elite Medicine Clinics DFW caring and expertise is waiting for you, as well as enhanced vitality.

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