Project Description

Wellness Evaluations

At Elite Medical Clinics DFW rest in the hands of an excellent, caring staff of doctors and providers. Our goal is to provide for all of your medical and preventative health needs in a timely and effective way. We focus on the whole person and promote wellness evaluations to ensure your optimal health.

Nutrition plays a large role in overall health and vitamin deficiencies alter bodily functions at the cellular level. Discovering vitamin deficiencies and how to effectively replenish them can be done at Elite Medical Clinics DFW with our trusted staff. Through a series of tests and evaluations, you can quickly discover your nutritional needs and we will help you develop a program to resolve deficiencies and return you to your best health.

Chronic pain can also be a big deterrent to health and wellness. We take your pain seriously and strive to provide the most accurate evaluation and treatments that will best alleviate pain. You can expect the most modern tools for pain management in a conservative non-surgical healthcare arena.

In the comfort of our Elite Medical Clinics DFW, we evaluate your needs and offer our physical medical approach to treating conditions related to nerves, muscles, and joints. For your best care, our team of providers prefers natural methods whenever possible. We value and prefer evidence based therapies as well as skillfully utilizing the latest technologies.

Once we have evaluated your needs, we proceed with physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, Graston – a soft tissue manual therapy, and ART – a patented soft tissue and movement based massage therapy. We also provide laser therapy for pain, including LiteCure warm Laser, a technology that provides outstanding outcomes for tissue healing, joint restoration, and pain management.

Whether wellness evaluation is for nutrition, allergy, or pain-related issues, at Elite Medical Clinics DFW, our goal is to help you achieve your best health.

To schedule an appointment please call us at our Grapevine location (972) 852-9140.