What is the PURE Study?

Pure Study Large

A recently published study called the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study was recently published and offered insights into the health effects of various diets. Specifically, the PURE study focused on the influence diet has on heart conditions, stroke, and death rates.

The PURE study involved worldwide research collaboration. It was an expansive study assessing the diets of more than 135,000 individuals. Researchers wanted to understand the connections betweeen diet and heart conditions, stroke, and mortality rates.
Individuals from the study were between 35-70 years old and live in 18 countries from 5 continents. The span of the study was approximately 7 years.

Individuals in the study reported their diets through questionnaires. Researchers focused on the consumption of carbohydrates and various types of fats.

The majors conditions associated with the diets observed in the PURE study varied. However, the primary conditions noted include:

  • Fatal heart disease
  • Heart attacks (both non-fatal and fatal)
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke

Findings from the PURE Study

The following are the key findings from the PURE study:

  • Higher carb intake was linked to increased risk of death
  • Total fat, saturated fat (from animal products), monosaturated fat (good fats), and polyunsaturated fats (found in some oils) were linked to lower death rates
  • Total fat and other types of fat were not associated with heart conditions
  • Higher saturated fat intake was linked to lower stroke risk

Key Takeaways from the PURE Study

Many current diets focus on lowering fat intake. However, the findings  suggest that the dietary recommendations should incorporate more guidance on carbs. According to the PURE study, decreasing carb intake may be advisable to reduce the risk of death. It is important to note that the PURE study suggests that higher saturated fat intake was linked to lower stroke risk.

As is often true, moderation in all things is important. Well-balanced diets are beneficial to sustaining healthy lifestyles. A well-balanced diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of protein and dairy, and small amounts grains and oils. It’s also helpful to limit the intake of foods with lower added sugars and sodium.

If you are interested in learning more about diet options for optimal health and weight control, call us to learn more.