Elite Medical DFW

DFW Elite Medicine Clinics are full service primary and specialty care clinics that emphasize preventive medicine and maximum health performance. Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatments to maintain physical and mental wellbeing by incorporating science-backed medical evaluations, diet and nutrition support, and expert medical treatments.

Our mission is to help people increase the quality in addition to the length of their lives.

Our core values include delivering individualized care that includes only what is in the best interest of our patients, promoting health education and healthy lifestyles, maintaining a safe and judgment free place where all may feel comfortable, and treating our patients like family.

We accept all major insurances and provide concierge level attention without the additional expense typical of concierge practices.

“A friend refereed me to this clinic and I was skeptical at first. But they are one of the best at what they do and are very honest and compassionate. I was treated first class in every way at his practice and I would recommend these guys.”

D.S., AGE 52

“After six months, I met my goal of losing 100 pounds. This has provided me with the opportunity to make real and lasting lifestyle changes and provided assistance when I had a rough week, fell off or cheated.”


Aesthetic Procedures

Lose those wrinkles and get more healthy skin by using our state of the art aesthetic procedures. See what we can do for your skin health today.

Hormone Therapy

Feel young again with our hormone therapy options for both men and women. With a variety of services we can have you back to your youthful self.

Medical Weightloss

Science based nutrition support and weight loss programs under the care of diet book author and board-certified weight loss specialty physician.

Sexual Wellness

Regain your sex drive by checking out our services. We offer medical help for both men and women to ensure you are able to be ready for when the time comes.

Wellness Evaluations

Get a check up today with our physical and cardiovascular screenings. Come in today to ensure that you are the healthiest you.

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