Autonomic Dysfunction Screening

Autonomic Dysfunction Screening

At Elite Medicine Clinics DFW we want to help you live your best life, and our Wellness Evaluation Services help insure that all is well with your health. If there is a problem, our aim is to detect, treat, and help you get back to your normal daily activities.

One of those evaluations is Autonomic Dysfunction Screening. With this screening, your healthcare team can measure how your autonomic nerves respond to stimulation, and we can determine if your autonomic nervous system responses are normal or if there is a problem.

The autonomic system is one of three parts of the nervous system. It manages your internal functions such as blood pressure, blood flow, and sweating. Through our screening, we can quickly determine if you have a disease that attacks the autonomic nervous system. We can also use the screening to diagnose illness.

In the comfort of our patient facility at Elite Medicine Clinics DFW, we will easily, painlessly, and non-invasively perform a variety of tests that measure blood pressure and heart rate. These include the tilt table test where you will lie on a table that is raised after you lie on it, a deep breathing test where you will breathe deeply for a minute, and the Valsalva maneuver where you will blow into a tube. During these tests, our experts can quickly and easily monitor the results