Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

At Elite Medicine Clinics DFW we understand that sometimes you change your mind and no longer want the body art that you once loved.

Come in and see us and we can discuss the best ways to remove your tattoos.

What do you need to know about tattoo removal? Laser removal is the best, most effective way to remove a tattoo. With our laser tattoo removal treatment, you can have your tattoos removed more safely and effectively. Your tattoo can be removed with fewer treatment appointments than you might expect. Finally, laser tattoo removal can treat ink colors more effectively than other removal treatments.

At Elite Medicine Clinics DFW, we provide the best in laser technology coupled with the best in laser providers for your best skin results.

So when you are ready to explore tattoo removal, please call and make a consultation appointment. During that time, our experts will examine your tattoo for size, location on your body, and how deep the ink might penetrate. We will also ask you how long you’ve had your tattoo as well as assess your general health, medicine you might be taking, and whether or not you tend to have raised (keloid) scars.

We only suggest tattoo removal for someone with a healthy immune system. We do not suggest it for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Once we have discussed your tattoo and your health, we will plan for the removal. Chances are you will need more than one removal session for the laser to safely penetrate the layers of colored ink in your skin. Laser contact on the ink causes it to break into tiny particles. The particles are then flushed out through your body.

We also find it helpful to stagger these laser tattoo removal sessions to allow the tattoo area to heal and flush the color particles. During those times you might have some redness and swelling, but you should also notice that your tattoo is fading. There may be pain involved as well. We are glad to offer a numbing cream to use during the procedure.

Aftercare for tattoo removal includes an antibiotic cream and moisturizer. We caution you to protect the area from the sun for three months.

Let us help you with tattoo removal.