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Hormone Therapy for Women

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can make you feel like a new woman. At Elite Medical Clinics DFW, experts guide you through hormone replacement options and explore the positive step towards feeling strong and beautiful again.

For women, symptoms of hormone imbalance can start in your mid-thirties and continue through perimenopause and menopause. Often hormone imbalance gets overlooked as part of perimenopause. We can help you discover if you have a hormone imbalance and, if so, effectively get you back to feeling like your normal good self.

Lower progesterone hormone, which balances the estrogen hormone, can cause food cravings, depression, decreased sexual desire, mood swings, and can make you feel tired and anxious.

Progesterone replacement therapy is often needed before estrogen replacement therapy because progesterone levels start decreasing at an earlier age than estrogen. Having greater amounts of estrogen than progesterone can lead to an increased risk of cancer, osteoporosis, and fibrocystic breast disease.

Your estrogen levels tend to decrease during menopause and after. Symptoms can include vaginal dryness, joint pain, night sweats, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles.

At Elite Medicine Clinics DFW we can pave the way to hormonal balance, better health, renewed energy, and vitality with our progesterone and estrogen replacement therapies. You could notice results as early as two to ten weeks after starting your hormone replacement therapy plan.

Come for a consult, and we will design a therapy plan made just for your needs. We will answer your questions and assist as you make positive steps to feeling strong and beautiful again.

To schedule an appointment please call us at our Grapevine location (972) 852-9140.